Sunday, November 18, 2012


Dresden's Football season is officially over! After starting out the season with an awesome win we all thought this year would be the year of the Vikings! Not so much as they did not win the rest of the season, oh well! Dresden really did learn a lot this year and as running back he ran in most of the teams touchdowns. He was awarded offensive or defensive player of the game nearly every game and was the only kid on the team to get both awards in one game. He even got his PE coach (coach Brooks) to come support the team. Proud of him and proud of his positive attitude!

On the move!

This little girls is on the move! She is not content to stay in one spot anymore, which means we better watch out! Yikes! She has also started to get a little Diva attitude. She really lets us know it when she does not like something, double yikes!!

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

We had a random bunch of costumes this year!!
Ciena=Black cat
Remember when I got to choose their costumes and they were always matching and coordinated with each other! Not so much any more! That's ok, the kids had fun and each of their costumes fit their personality and what they are in to right now. Ciena had a hard time with ANY costume this year. She is going through a major shy phase and does not like attention on herself. London was perfect, as always!! I drug her around with me all day, first the twins school for a Halloween Party, next Pumpkin carving at Dresden's school, trick-or-treating at Chad's work, and finally the neighborhood party and Trick-or-treat. Phew, I'm exhausted!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Today was a special day for Dresden as he chose to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We had lots of friends and family come to support Dre, it was a great day! Aunt Jill and Grandpa Larry gave the best talks and I'm sure it will be a day Dresden will remember. Proud of you buddy!

Dresden's 8th Birthday Party!

Dresden invited 16 of his friends to Jump Street for his Birthday party. The boys LOVED it and played dodge ball on the trampolines the entire time!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Doll!

Doesn't get much cuter than this!

Arboretum today!!

I LOVE this time of year and especially love visiting the Arboretum when the weather is so nice and everything is so beautiful! The kids went crazy in the pumpkin patch and made Angels in the hay, Ciena looked on in disgust!
We tried to get a good picture of our Little Butterfly for Halloween. The kids were doing everything to get her to look up, but she was too interested in the Hay and Pumkins around her!

Great to be 8!

Can't believe my boy is 8!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's been about a year since I last posted, we have a new family member and things have been busy needless to say!  I was laying in bed with Dresden tonight thinking of some of the things the kids have said lately and making a mental note to write it down.  I then thought of the Blog and how it has been a journal of sorts for our family and I am sad that it has fallen to the wayside this last year.  SO, I want to revive and hopefully keep up on this Blog, mainly so I can keep a journal for myself and family.  Here is an update on the family:
Dresden:  My little boy just turned 8!!  I truly can't believe how fast time has flown by!  It seems like we were just bringing him to our home in Utah and 4 short months later moving to Dallas!  Dresden really is our perfect first child.  He is NOT perfect, but such a good kid.  He is a very happy, outgoing, smart, athletic kid.  When I walk into his elementary school it is very apparent that everyone knows Dresden.  From the secretaries to the Principal to virtually every teacher in the school, they all call him by name as he walks down the hall.  He has teachers fighting over him for the next 3 grades, all telling me at school functions that they love him and can't wait to have him in their class.  He is also popular with kids of all ages.  I honestly don't know how he gets to know so many kids, but everyone seems to know him.  His best friend is Oshoke, who has been his best friend since Kindergarten.  His other best friends are neighborhood friends, Jacob and Luke.  They play together EVERY day and have a little group of boys that they pal around with in the neighborhood.  I love that, it makes me so happy to live where we do.  He loves church and has church friends, Kevin and Lee.  He is excited to be baptized this Sunday.  He is still my tender little heart, very sweet to me (most of the time).  He likes me to sing to him at night and still comes into our bed at night.  He is SO sweet to his baby sister, London.  He loves her and she loves him.  His nickname for her is "Boobs" when I asked him why he called her that he said it's because she drinks from my boobs, nice!  Oh well, somehow it's stuck!  He plays with Coen a lot, and is good with Ciena when she is doing what HE wants to do.  They tend to butt heads.  He plays football at he moment, but also played baseball.  He is athletic and does well in any sport it seems. 
Coen:  My litte Monkey.  He loves all things Monkey and even pretends to be a monkey most of the time making monkey noises all day.  He is still my hardest child, but perhaps most loved.  He is very different from his brother, more shy and takes longer to warm up to people than Dresden.  When people do get to know Coen, he is everyones favorite.  He loves school at the Highland Oak Church of Christ.  His teacher tells me she is amazed at his ability to recall and remember things.  He is always singing the "color" songs he learns at school.  He loves to cuddle with me, which I love.  Today he came up to me in the middle of the day and said, "I want to do something fun"  my response to him jokingly was "lets go cuddle" and he immediately said, "OK"!   I think he knows he is my weakness and he definitely knows how to get things he wants with his puppy dog eyes.  The other day he randomly said, "why did Jesus make me SO cute?"  I don't know, but he did!  He and his twin sister are best of friends and are inseparable when Dresden is NOT around.  When Dresden is around he tends to go off with him and do their "boy" things.  Coen and Ciena still sleep in the same bed about every other night.  He loves playing games on the phone and iPad a little too much, we need to put some restrictions on that!  He used to do gymnastics until he told me he didn't like the way it made his hands smell  (??) so we stopped and are looking for a new activity. 
Ciena:  My sweet and very sassy girl.  She is so fun and I love having a girl.  I can no longer dress her as she is very opinionated on what she wears.  Instead of fighting I have learned to just let her wear what she wants, she does a pretty good job at dressing herself.  she is a little artist and loves to color pictures all day.  Her teachers tell me she is a star student and the class helper.  She is still a dog lover, does not like baby dolls but does love barbie dolls and the Little Mermaid.  Her best friend is her cousin, Betty, those two will get into lots of trouble together I'm sure!  I love that she has a cousin she is close with, I never had that growing up.  She hates to have any attention drawn to herself and won't even let us sing "Happy Birthday".  She is shy and doesn't like to talk in public (church or school) but I'm hoping she grows out of that.  We tease her about Justin Bieber, and she gets mad but she secretly will admit she likes him.  She is very protective and mothering to her twin, Coen.  Last week Coen fell at school and when I asked him who helped him (expecting him to say a teacher) he immediately said, "Ciena helped me".  She also loves her baby sister and always wants to hold and play with her.  Loves her Daddy and is very sensitive to him when disciplined by him.  If I get upset at her she stomps into her room, but when Chad gets upset she immediately starts to tear up.  She loves gymnastics and best friends are Hailey and Claire from church. 
London Rose:  Our sweetest, newest addition.  She was our whooper of a baby weighing in at 9 lbs. 7 oz and born on February 27, 2012.  We were scared to death of what a baby would do to our family and now I can't imagine life without her.  She is so easy and so good!  The sweetest face with chubby cheeks, I just love her.  She loves her brothers and sister and is always looking for them, her face lights up whenever Daddy is in the room.  I just love her so much!  I tell her every day that she is the best, cutest, sweetest baby on the planet!  I want to freeze her right now at 7 months, she is starting to move and I know once that happens our world will change.  I love having a little caboose in the family! 
Chad still works very hard and long hours.  He also serves in the Bishopric, which is a lot and I'm working on having a good attitude as I do believe we receive lots of blessings from it.  I'm lucky to have him and so lucky to be able to be at home, there is no other place I would rather be.  I still miss my family in Utah terribly, but Mom comes out often and stays long which is such a blessing.  I truly don't know what I would do without her!!  That's all for now...    

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The scary witch is Grandma!!

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Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

~Happy New Year~

Texas Snowman!

We don't see much snow and this was the best we could do with our little snow storm! Kinda sad, kinda cute!
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First Sleep Over

The twins had their first sleepover with their cousin Betty! Well, I don't know if it's counted as a sleep over for them, since Betty slept at our house, but it was exciting none the less!
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Christmas 2010

Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye!  Sadly, this is the only still shot I got of the kids on Christmas Day.  I'm either really good at getting video or good at getting the still shots, and this year we got video!  This picture is from Christmas night when we went to Jill's for Christmas dinner.  The kids were still on a super high from all the gift opening earlier in the day and Ciena and Betty were in princess heaven comparing their new dress-up clothes!
The kids are all at the best ages right now and Christmas morning was so exciting, seeing their reactions was priceless!  Santa really came through this year and they got tons of fun toys including a air hockey table and trampoline.  The princess got her own castle tent filled with all things dress-up!  One of the best memories was on Christmas eve when we sat the kids down and showed them a video of Christ's birth.  When the the video ended Dresden leaped up and exclaimed, "Now I know the true meaning of Christmas"!
The Christmas Windows at Neiman Marcus

This year the Downtown Neimans did a really fun Christmas Window display with tunnels and slides that the kids could crawl through.  The twins were too timid to try it, but Dresden and his friends went through it about a dozen times! 
Christmas PJ's sent from Grandma!

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Christmas Party at the Whitney's

Lots of friends were in town this year and it was so fun to get together with everyone!
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The White Elephant gift exchange

Some of the most coveted White Elephant gifts! Brian got this awesome sweater!

Chad fought pretty hard for this shake weight. He promised next year at the Christmas party we would see the results in the size of his guns (we'll see)!

Speaking of guns... Marc and Jen are going to have a blast chasing eachother around the house with these Nerf guns!

And Jen and Rod were the lucky ones to end up with the penguin pillow pet! Probably the MOST sought after gift!
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More from the Party ...

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